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4 Ways to Optimise Your Website for Free

4 Ways to Optimise Your Website for Free

Although investing in an SEO marketing company does some amazing things for your visibility, in the beginning, it might not be the best financial option. Luckily there are some ways to optimise your website that won’t cost you a penny. Here are four ways you can optimise your website for more online traffic

Meta Input

Each page of your website has a meta title and meta description, the meta is code that helps search engines understand what the page contains, meaning it can be appropriately categorised. Picking keywords you want your site to rank for should be put into your meta title through the backend of your website.

Note: this is what your potential traffic is going to see while browsing through Google, so make it relevant to the page! Or people will just leave the site.

The meta description can also be seen underneath the meta title on …