Drone Moves and Flight Plans

Drone Moves and Flight Plans

Piloting a drone may seem easy, but to get great pictures you need to know and follow some specific rules. Let’s take a look at the different shots and flight plans that can be done with the type of device. There are endless of them, but some are more efficient and easier to do. The plans are grouped according to what you want to shoot.

Shooting a Static Subject with a drone

Do you want to film a building or a group of people? One of the cool plans to make is orbit around the subject. While moving the drone to one side, you will also be rotating it on itself. This rotation must be very small for the drone to describe a good orbit. The orbit can be widened to give a new perspective on the subject. In any case, the drone will capture all facets of the still subject. By the way, it is the first rule to master if you want to join a drone pilot network. On the latest versions of drones, several automatic modes are available. The circle mode flies the drone in a constant orbit around a selected point of interest. Likewise, the helix mode makes you fly in an increasingly large orbit. The boomerang mode draws an oval orbit with variable speed around the subject. These modes are very useful tools for making perfectly fluid shots.

Shooting a Landscape with a Drone

We advise you to make simple shots by moving the drone forward or backward horizontally. You can raise or lower the drone for more dynamism in the video. To get a general view of the landscape, you often have to take a lot of height. Be careful not to exceed the authorized height in your area! Either way, it is between 65 and 165 feet that you will have the most beautiful drone images. To perfect this flight plan, try placing a subject as a scale guide in the video. This marker can be a vehicle, a person or even a road. The immensity of the landscape will be easily highlighted because the viewer can compare it to the size of the landmark.

Shooting a Moving Subject

The easiest way to shoot a moving subject is to chase it with the drone. Get behind and start the chase. Depending on the speed of the subject and the height of flight, this shot is more or less easy to obtain. To add a little extra to your video, you can vary the height of the drone when shooting.

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