Freelancer Essentials to Get Started

Freelancer Essentials to Get Started

Becoming a freelancer can be as simple as having a computer and access to the internet for some. However, there are some essential areas you should before starting your freelance career, from technology to insurance here a look at an ideal freelancer starter kit.


A high-performance laptop is a key part to being a good freelancer, any laptop will do the trick but remember this is your career, its best to buy a premium model to ensure your performance needs are met. You might think you’ll mainly use your laptop for word documents but pairing that with fast internet searches and multiple tasks open on the desktop daily, low priced laptop will struggle long-term. Pick a model with a high storage space and high RAM so the laptop will constantly meet your needs without fail. Ideally, if you can find one that is also robust would be perfect, most freelance tend to take their laptop everywhere and with that in mind, it more likely to take a knock or two, buying a tough laptop will prove worthy in the end.


Something a lot of new freelancers forget about, having insurance is essential even from the beginning of your career. Professional indemnity insurance is an option for those who offer a service to clients, freelancers, lawyers, architects and contractors are all example of careers they would need PI insurance. PI insurance protects the freelancer from claims made against them, if a client decided that the service used was substandard, fraudulent, there was professional negligence or breach of contract then a freelance will have the financial and legal backing to fight the case made against them.

It’s not a legal requirement but you’ll find a lot of clients they’ll require it to conduct business, IT contractor insurance is a prime example of an essential requirement for most businesses.


Different software can be used to make a freelancer’s life a lot easier, some are free and other might cost, but in the long term are worth paying for. As a freelance writer downloading Grammarly is a great idea to help with grammatical errors you might not notice usually.

Accounting software is a lot key to staying on top of your finances from the beginning, forgetting any trivial numbers might get you into trouble with the tax man, consider everything you spend on working daily and it’s a way to keep an eye on your spending too, some of the better accounting software packages also include documents you can send to clients to show the fee that they owe, it comes across more professional.




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