Why Are More Marketers Choosing To Work From Home? The Answers May Surprise You

Why Are More Marketers Choosing To Work From Home? The Answers May Surprise You

During the last several years the vast majority of marketers have begun to work from the home and it is expected that these numbers will continue to rise.

One must wonder why so many marketing professionals have begun working remotely, and why there is also a rising interest in marketing director job vacanciesDuring a recent Marketing Salary Survey one third of all the respondents currently work from home were asked what their primary reason was. Below we will look into each of the reasons in complete detail.

Avoiding Long Commutes

One of the top reasons that was given by marketers for working from home was the option to avoid long commutes and travel times. The vast majority of the survey participants lived in areas such as London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. For those individuals that live in those types of typical locations and must commute into the capital for work working from home allows them to bypass any busy London traffic as well as tube delays. City based employers offering work from home options improve their chances of retaining employees by helping to improve the overall work life balance by allowing employees the option to not be in the office physically. This is an essential ingredient of the vast majority of marketers who were surveyed as they indicated that having the proper work life balance was one of the third main reasons they would leave their current positions.

Increased Productivity

Coming in at second place was the fact that many work from home marketers tended to feel more productive at home. Considering that the vast majority of marketing positions require a sense of creativity and if a flexible working environment offers a more creative outlet, it would be obvious that most marketing professionals would prefer that form of environment.

Typically, most open plan office environments include several distractions such as spontaneous meetings, small talk and gossip as well as loud coworkers which can contribute to a sense of lost productivity.

Childcare And Household Responsibilities

One of the third reasons that marketers or from home was due to the difficulties of working around childcare and other care responsibilities at home. By allowing parents to work remotely it allows them to be there to look after children who may be sick as well as for school drop-offs and pickups and still maintain a full-time job.

In addition, there are those who must care for elderly, ill and disabled relatives and parents which is another reason why many marketers enjoy having the flexibility of working from home.

Overall Health

Another of the more common reasons that those surveyed gave as a reason for working from home is the ability to focus on their overall well-being and mental health. In a recent poll, 54{ffde079ed3eacbfaae31ad5e52c7ab5ef9d78f95efbcd8745dfc55c378c91af6} of those who were polled said that they tend to feel happier and more at ease while working from home as opposed to a traditional workplace and more than two thirds of those same people feel less stress.

The vast majority of individuals who work at home describe the feeling as being in control and free. However, there are those who work at home to tend to feel an opposite effect on their mental health as they comment on feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is typically why it is essential to create a decent balance of managing stress and well-being and a sense of socialism by working from home 1 to 2 days a week.

Personal Commitments

There is no question that people today have an incredible rise of personal commitments and appointments in their lives which can include going back to school, health and fitness commitments as well as daily chores and appointments, which is one of the reason people tend to focus on working from home.

From just the sampling of the findings we have looked at above, it is clear that working from home even if it is just a couple of days a week a while employees the chance do you stress and feel better about themselves and their work and it looks as though the work from home option is only going to become more popular as the years go by.

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