Black Kitchen Minimalist Design that is Elegant and Super Cool

Black Kitchen Minimalist Design that is Elegant and Super Cool

If you plan to give something different to your kitchen decor, try giving a touch of dark shades like black. The minimalist concept with black kitchen tiles has the potential to liven up the impression of elegance and luxury in the kitchen. You can plan a dark black kitchen design adjusted with your needs. Here are some minimalist and modern kitchen designs:

1. Not Only the Walls, Black Can Also be Applied to Other Elements

The application of black in the kitchen does not always be on the wall paint. You can combine wood and black shades like this kitchen design. Dark color is more dominant in the table and other furniture. While the rest is accentuated the color of wood. This color combination comes alive with the use of small yellow lights.

2. Black and White Can Always be a Mainstay

If you don’t want to fully display a dark feel to the kitchen, try applying a monochrome design. Minimalist kitchen decor using a black and white concept can create a cool and stylish impression that never outdated

Black is applied to walls and floor tiles combined with white on counters, drawers and kitchen cabinets. To add to the impression of luxury, granite is used on the kitchen table. Don’t forget to add flower vase decorations to enhance your kitchen appearance.

3. Minimalist All-black Kitchen Design

The white color is often applied to give a wider impression of the kitchen room. However, that does not mean your creativity is only limited to one color if you want to get a wider impression.

You can apply dark shades to your minimalist kitchen.

To avoid a gloomy look, you can add bright colored elements. For example, combining a black kitchen room with stainless steel furniture. This step can balance the kitchen color, so it is not too dark.

4. Mini Kitchen Design with Black Cabinet

Minimalist kitchen is easier to manage. You can focus on one color in the kitchen design to still look cool even though its size is only 2×3 m².

The black color can dominate the kitchen, it can give the cabinet an exclusive and functional impression. Whereas, the base of the table is a wooden material that matches the floor. This helps to minimize the impression of being too dark.

5. Luxury with a Full Touch of Black

If you want to be braver, you can copy the minimalist kitchen design in black. Although the nuances are dark, this kitchen looks luxurious. The main design combines a black cabinet with wall tiles with herringbone-patterned. As a finishing touch, brighten the atmosphere with golden chandelier.

Don’t forget the arrangement and selection of appropriate and functional cabinet drawers for food storage and cooking utensils.

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