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5 Tips For First Time HGV Drivers

5 Tips For First Time HGV Drivers

If you have passed your C+E licence tests and would like to become a professional HGV driver, you need to learn as much as you can to become a great driver. Being an HGV driver is a learning curve and you will pick up a lot of experience along the way. This article will help you benefit from the wisdom of experienced drivers by giving you tips on how to become a great HGV driver.

Tips to Become a Good HGV Driver

Have a Plan For Each and Every Journey

Journey planning is very important when it comes to HGV driving. Therefore, if you would like to become a good HGV driver, you need to properly and thoroughly plan for every journey. Keep in mind that HGV driving is not only about driving from one place to another.

Many things can go wrong, change at the last minute or …

How Many Types of Insurance Does a Business Need? A Guide

How Many Types of Insurance Does a Business Need? A Guide

Starting a business is probably one of the riskiest moves you’ll ever make.

30 percent of small businesses close shop within the first two years. 50 percent never keep their lights on long enough to celebrate the fifth anniversary, and 66 percent won’t make it past 10 years. What are the odds your business will be here for the long haul?

That said, entrepreneurship is all about risk. And the good news is there are measures you can take to manage those risks. One of these measures is purchasing business insurance.

But then, just how many types of insurance doe a business need?

In this article, we are fleshing out the various business insurance policies on the market. We will then tell you what you need.

General/Public Liability Insurance

The simple act of inviting customers to come and check out your premises is in itself a risk. If a person …

3 Reasons Why PDF Is So Widely Used

3 Reasons Why PDF Is So Widely Used

Did you know that the PDF format was first developed by Adobe during the early 90s? It may seem odd that a format that is 25 years old is still so popular – but there are good reasons for that.

At the end of the day the popularity of PDF is no fluke, but instead is because it has remained relevant due to the benefits that it provides. In particular there are several reasons why it is so widely-used:

  • Preserves the layout and formatting of documents

One of the most common problems that people have with documents is that the layout and formatting tends to go awry when viewed on different devices or platforms. However with PDF there is no risk of that happening, and the document will be reproduced exactly regardless of the device or platform that it is viewed on.

Because PDFs preserve the layout and formatting, they …