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How a Mining Disaster Inspired an International Holiday

How a Mining Disaster Inspired an International Holiday

Happy Father’s Day to every dad everywhere! Ever wonder where this holiday got its start or how it turned out to be a regular annual celebration of fatherhood? This is all you need to know about Father’s Day!

When is Father’s Day?

It is observed every third Sunday in June. It is a holiday recognised in both the US and the UK. Usually, a Father’s Day celebration involves taking Dad out somewhere special, giving him gifts and cards or just letting him relax and enjoy a barbecued meal with his family. At school, young children are encouraged to draw pictures, make their own greeting cards or draw pictures for their Dads for this important holiday.

Society has evolved and now, more people are looking at including stepfathers in a Father’s Day celebration. An actual call has been made for a real Stepfather’s Day, but no holiday has been officially …