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Drone Moves and Flight Plans

Drone Moves and Flight Plans

Piloting a drone may seem easy, but to get great pictures you need to know and follow some specific rules. Let’s take a look at the different shots and flight plans that can be done with the type of device. There are endless of them, but some are more efficient and easier to do. The plans are grouped according to what you want to shoot.

Shooting a Static Subject with a drone

Do you want to film a building or a group of people? One of the cool plans to make is orbit around the subject. While moving the drone to one side, you will also be rotating it on itself. This rotation must be very small for the drone to describe a good orbit. The orbit can be widened to give a new perspective on the subject. In any case, the drone will capture all facets of the still …

How Modern Technology is Changing Today’s Homes

How Modern Technology is Changing Today’s Homes

Technology is infused into almost every aspect of our life.

We rely on it every day and our homes are no exception. And we’re not talking about the latest fads here, but a full-blown home revolution.

Modern technology is changing today’s homes in a few profound ways.

Beyond everything else, it bridges the gap between digital and analog environment. Various devices are part of the same network. They communicate between themselves, provide handy information, and bow to your will.

You can use them to monitor and control your home like never before. And don’t fret; living smart isn’t a project that has to cost a fortune.

Smart products are getting more affordable, useful, and easier to install. The transformation can start with only a chap electric plug and a smartphone in your hand.

The Game Has Changed

Smart tech is remolding our living environment for good.

The proliferation of mobile …