Gaining Traction on Both of Our Websites

Gaining Traction on Both of Our Websites

When I graduated from college, I had no idea what I would do with my degree in computer science. I knew that I wanted to work with computers, but I didn’t know how. I wanted to start a business, so I met with other members of my graduating class. We formed a company that services computers, and we’re able to help people all over the globe with their computer needs. However, our business model needed some work because we were having trouble keeping up with our competition. Other computer companies in our city were offering the same exact services, but they were performing those services at a lower cost the consumer.

We decided to change the way in which we sought business by adjusting our business model from a business to consumer model to a business to business model. In our industry, it helps to be able to make those small changes in order to unlock an entirely new group of clients. We are still able to help consumers when their electronics fail to operate the way they want. People are always calling us to get our assistance on television repair, and we service many computer screens that require screen replacement. LCD screens were one of our highest selling services for a few years. However, the new business to business model has changed the popularity of our products.

In order to adjust to offering products to businesses, we decided to create a similar website for our company. The website is almost identical to the website that we use to appeal to consumer needs. However, the content on the site is directed at business needs. The goal is to be found by representatives of businesses all over the world. So far, a majority of the clients we service are still coming from our local market. However, we have noticed some new business coming from referrals that is outside of our city.

We’re looking for new ways to expand to other industries, as well. Since we’re offering services in computer repair, we have learned to generate content that interests people who service computers. We’ve decided to start putting that content together on its own to be available for purchase as a book. Our latest reviews of some certification software have been cited by some of the authoritative sources on the internet. We’re glad that other people are referencing our content because it helps strengthen our company’s search engine optimization.

We’re focused on SEO for both websites, but the website that targets consumers has been active longer. The longer articles are available on the internet, the more those articles have had a chance to find the appropriate channels. The older articles we have on the site we’re directing at consumers have helped put our company’s website at the top of the search results on major search engines. These types of accomplishments help our company generate new leads. New leads like these are of a higher quality, so our sales team is able to close.

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