Looking At Houston Home Health Agency Contracts

Looking At Houston Home Health Agency Contracts

Selecting a home health agency can be stressful to obtain the most desirable services at the most affordable prices. When you review financials with your prospective agency, ask them if they offer in-home health care or simply patient care. Ask for a complete list of services offered and any extra costs that might come with particular services. If you do go with an in-home provider, be sure to get a copy of the contract so that you are aware of what kind of billing and other financial responsibilities you are signing.

Offering the services you need

Review financials with your houston home health agency and confirm that they are offering the services you need at the price you want to pay. If there is additional information that is not on the website or in the fine print, ask them about it before moving forward. They should work as quickly as possible to provide you with any additional details or remove any conflicting items from your contract.

The most basic way to obtain additional details on financials is to ask for the last year’s figures. This will give you an accurate comparison with the current year. If you find anything that is making the price go up in value, it may be time to ask for the previous year’s figures. Houston health services agencies should provide you with all of this information without any obligation. Many providers choose to give you access to your files at no cost to you, but you may need to ask for them. Just be sure to keep these facts in mind when looking over your Houston health services financials.

In addition to asking about past and current year’s financials, ask about cash flow projections. A good Houston home care financial will include both a projected short-term and long-term cash flow analysis. Typically the longer the projected period (in months or years), the lower the monthly or annual fees will be, so it is essential to choose one with a longer period. A cash flow analysis can provide you with additional details on what your Houston home health agency is paying for and how much money is left on the end for you to use.

Look over the contract

If you do not feel comfortable with asking questions about finances or the actual amounts that are being paid out, you can simply look over the contract instead. This allows you to get a better idea of what the costs are and whether or not the Houston home care agency is accurately reporting its costs to you. If you are not happy with the financials, you have the option of either looking over the contract again or just walking away. You may not feel comfortable with this option, but it is your right as the person paying for services. It is not a reflection of how good of care you receive.

Be sure to ask about the Houston home health agency’s privacy policy before making a decision. It should be stated in the policy that they will not reveal financial or other information regarding their services. Look for any complaints or refund policies. Most companies offer refunds for services received or for inaccurate financials. Finally, consider looking into the Houston health department to see if any rules or laws are governing the agency.

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