People and Personality Aren’t as Inseparable as We Might Think

People and Personality Aren’t as Inseparable as We Might Think

We’ve all been in a position where personality changed our perception of something. It might be as personal as a spouse’s smile lighting up a room. Or it could be as simple as a salesperson cheerfully leading you to the perfect item within a crowded store. Whatever the case we can all attest to the fact that people can lend emotion to an event. But this also leads to a common problem for business owners.

Reconsider the earlier example of someone who had a perfect shopping experience thanks to a friendly salesperson. This highlights the perfect situation for a business owner and customer alike. The company has made a sale. And the customer is happy with his new acquisition. Furthermore, the customer comes away from the experience with a positive association in his mind. When he thinks about the store, he’ll feel a bit of the salesperson’s happy demeanor. This all sounds perfect at first. But now consider that a large amount of today’s sales happens online.

One could theoretically have online sales monitored by a sales staff. But this attempt to fit old paradigms into a modern context poses some significant issues. One of the largest problems is that online shopping is something that happens 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Part of what makes it so appealing is that one can wake up in the middle of the night to make an impulse buy. And then one must take a whole planet’s worth of time zones in mind.

It’s not an easy task to properly staff online support to account for varying usage patterns. And finally, on top of everything else there’s also the issue of inventory. Online stores tend to offer a vastly larger amount of merchandise than standard stores. This makes it more difficult for sales staff to even have a basic familiarity with every item offered for sale.

But there are ways around this problem. Many companies make use of custom database management systems which allow for easier access to product information. The hope is that the sales staff can easily traverse a complicated database structure by using a much simpler frontend.

Others still make use of a dialogue system that’s integrated into that same type of database. You can search online for any Conversational Interface Platform Software for your company. The names might sound overly technical and even intimidating. But these solutions push through complexity to offer a much more personable presentation.

Conversational software and dialogue systems attempt to mimic human interaction. Basically, when properly integrated it might recreate the experience of talking to friendly sales staff. But these systems have the additional benefit of only existing as digital software. This means that they’re online 24/7. And they don’t have to spend time searching through a database for customers. Instead, they’re fully connected to the inventory database in the same way that people are to their own memories.

Different companies have different needs and preferences. But these solutions offer up a new way of looking at age old business practices. There’s always going to be a need to connect customers with information about products. How one goes about that process can offer up a wide variety of options for further growth and development.

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