Public or Private Cloud: Which is Night for Your Business?

Public or Private Cloud: Which is Night for Your Business?

For the public cloud, from the name alone, we can identify that this Cloud-managed networks service is for everyone in the world. For the data center, it has, of course, it is very large. Because these public cloud users come from all over the world, data centers are also spread throughout the world. That way, data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere.

Unlike the private cloud, this service is generally only for one company. Likewise, with the data center, it is only intended for one company that rents it. The data center is also privately owned by that one company. The existence of a data center like this allows the company to take full advantage of all cloud facilities.

Budget for Investment

In general, the public cloud can be enjoyed at a more affordable price or even free. But the weakness, of course, is that storage media is also limited, considering that this one service is for everyone. Unlike the private cloud, which offers more access. Because it is used internally in the company, the infrastructure must also be built there so that this requires a large budget.

Meanwhile, the public cloud is not. All the infrastructure is adjusted by the service provider company so you don’t have to spend more. You only need to use it without thinking about the infrastructure or maintenance.

How to Access Services

Another thing that distinguishes between public cloud and private cloud is the quality of service. To be able to access data in the public cloud, you need an internet connection. If there is no internet connection, the data will also be inaccessible. Meanwhile, the private cloud is not. Private Cloud managed sdn networks services can be accessed via an internal network so you can save your bandwidth budget. As long as the local internet connection is fine, data on the private cloud can be accessed at any time.

Security Issues

Talking about security issues, of course, a private cloud can guarantee higher security. Because all of the infrastructures are self-managed and its use is also limited to one company, data security is more secure. Unlike the private cloud, because we only use it without knowing the ins and outs of the existing infrastructure, the security system is more vulnerable. Not all public cloud service providers guarantee the security of the data we upload there.

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