The Rise of The Men’s Co-ord

The Rise of The Men’s Co-ord

The women’s co-ord has seen a huge rise in popularity over recent years, from matching cigarette trouser and blazer combos to coordinating shorts and a cropped blouse duo that creates a holiday outfit staple. Now, however, we’re seeing a new co-ord burst onto the fashion scene: the mens twin set.

Traditionally, if you thought about a man’s matching outfit, you would automatically produce a picture in your mind of a coordinating tweed jacket and trousers or a waistcoat and blazer. Over the years, however, as fashions and trends have changed, so have the perceptions of what constitutes a certain outfit term. In the modern day, the twin set has taken on a much more casual look, primarily due to the rise in popularity of streetwear and athleisure trends.

If you cast your mind back to London Fashion Week trends in February, you may have noticed that there were a lot of matching top and bottom halves adorning the catwalk. Although, made up of more sculpted, high-end pieces, the notion remains the same… twin sets are most definitely a huge trend for 2018 and one that is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Even celebrities are even getting in on the action. It isn’t uncommon to see famous faces posing for brands such as Societe Noir, Jameson Carter or Supreme in complementing matching sets or wearing the popular trend as comfortable travel wear around the airport as they get ready to jet off to a new location.

The appeal

A wardrobe staple for summer and autumn months, the comfortable streetwear trend offers loungewear duos that are effortlessly stylish, easy to wear and that make light work of being practical and cosy.

Ideal for in the gym, relaxing at home or for a casual day trip, the men’s twin set offers a simple, pre-styled outfit for the fashion conscious. It is easy to see why they are quickly becoming a favourite amongst young men.

Top tips on how to style a twin set

The versatile trend can be dressed in many different way to create a fresh look.

Take casual comfort to a whole new level by teaming your twin set from Societe Noir for example, with a cap to create the ultimate casual streetwear outfit with a unique twist of style. We recommend choosing a cap that matches the block colour or secondary colour of your outfit to tie them both together.

Or, why not create more of an urban style by adding a distressed denim jacket and minimal, white high-tops to a slim sweatpant and fitted tee or hoodie combination.



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