Top 4 Online Games to Play with Friends

Top 4 Online Games to Play with Friends

How about being able to play Pictionary, Werewolf or other great board games with your friends from home? Well, it is possible, and without spending a dime. You will have fun together without the need to leave your houses. Here is our pick of the best free online board games.

Connect 4 Online

Created in the 70’s, Connect Four is a strategy board game very appreciated by both kids and grown-ups. Later on, a virtual version was launched and you can now play connect 4 online with other players. The rules of the online game are very simple and that is why it has remained popular over the years. Meanwhile, there are tons of strategies they players can use in order to win. Connect Four is played by two gamers. You can ask your friends to play with you but you can also play with random online players from all over the world if you want. The goal is to line up four of your discs vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Skribbl – Online Pictionary

No need to go get pens or a huge pile of blank paper to play Pictionary. Skribbl takes the concept of the famous board game but using a computer as a game support. So, you will only need a keyboard and a mouse or a trackpad to play with your friends. It also works with a digital tablet, but it is more difficult to play well. The concept remains the same, at each turn, a player is assigned to share a word with the rest of the group using their design skills. Everything happens in real time and the most responsive players get the most points. The game ends according to the number of turns you determined in the settings at the start of the game.

Massive Music Quiz

As its name suggests, Massive Music Quiz is an online multiplayer music blind test. Very easy to play because of its simple interface, this free game offers many categories ranging from 70s or 80s music to metal, including US rap, electro, film music or K-pop music. The rules are simple, a song is played through your computer speakers and you have 30 seconds to guess the performer and / or the title of the song which you will have to enter in the appropriate field. Each part has 15 titles. You have to be the fastest to find the answer and you will earn more or less points depending on the information found, your possible errors or even successive correct answers.


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