The worldwide smartphone industry is enormous and growing day by day. Smartphones have tremendously become a major part of human lives with the passage of time and advancement in modern technologies. The fascination to have and use features of smartphones transformed the ways people spend their time. That’s the reason smartphone brands are growing at a rate of knots day by day. To expand your knowledge in this domain, visit US-reviews.

In this article, we discuss the most growing phone-selling companies these days by using parameters like growth rate, sales/revenue, profit/loss, and annual shipment. To get honest access to best companies, read the online reviews about telephone companies.


Day by day smartphone’s style and innovation change the market shares as compared to the previous years. Apple excels with 87.5 million iPhones and has an inscribed extension of 18.6%. This huge growth is due to the amazing and amazing success of its launch of the iPhone 12 and the continued popularity of the iPhone 11 series. And there is strong growth of the iPhone in China as well. Looking ahead, we expect Apple to grow in the coming years with the strong demand for the iPhone 12 series.


Now here appears Samsung, who attained the second position on the record with an international 17% market portion to touch 63.7 million assemblages and declined by 8.3%. As it continuously attempts to enhance product inclinations especially the new range of Galaxy smartphones. Samsung’s leading brands are the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge + and Galaxy Note 7 and now, Samsung has upgraded the Tizen OS for its Smartphones alternatively to its Android-based smartphones. The retailer chain continued to be popular and saw growth in almost all regions.


Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun, and released in 2011 also known as Apple China, Xiaomi placed third on the list with almost 11.3% shares and saw a huge growth of 31.9% year-on-year. This was largely driven by strong operations in India and a presence established in China. The continued popularity of its low to medium devices, where devices under US $200 accounted for more than half of all shipments, has helped the retailer grow.


OPPO has placed 4 in this with 33.8 million components transported at 10.6% annual growth and a market share of 9.0%. The retailer has benefited from the decline of Huawei in several markets. Its A series has helped drive growth. Oppo company has included celebrities who are the face of the brand. Apart from this, a strong distribution network comprising more than 200,000 vendors has enabled the product to have a strong reach within India itself.


Huawei slipped to fifth place in the world with a market share of 8.6% of dividends in the international markets of smartphone and clear-fell -42.4% YoY to 32.3 million as the retailer continues to face challenges due to the increasing impact of US sanctions Huawei continues to suffer double-digit losses in all International Markets, with a strong decline of YoY -34.5% in its largest market, China as the product tries to accelerate its exports due to commodity concerns. 

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